Tips and Tricks for the New Space

Getting into the building:

The main entrance to the building is at 316 W. Washington Ave. The front doors are open from 7a-12a however the elevator currently locks for our floor at 5p. Our floor can be accessed after hours using your key fobs. Fobs are being made by the building and will be distributed as they are received. If you do not have one yet, email Fobs give you 24/7 acess.Thank you for your patience.


Gym, locker rooms, and bike parking

The above amenities are available to members in the basement. Unfortunately this is only accessible through the fob system however, as mentioned, you will all have full access within the next week or so.



The fob sensors are old and require a bit of patience and shifting the fob around for the signal to be detected. Please inform us if you are noticing consistent issues getting into the building. Also, any sensor marked “AT&T” will not activate with fobs designated for 100state. Please use the other sensor.


Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are still reservable on liquidspace as they were in the old space.


The Kitchen: We have a full fridge and freezer available should you choose to bring your lunch with you. Please label all of your food with your full name and the date. Non-labled food will be thrown out if left in the fridge.


Coffee on pour! We keep you caffeinated as much as we can. If you notice we are out of coffee or you pour the last cup, please brew some more! The community at large keeps the coffee pot full. If you don't know how to make coffee, just come ask a staff member or someone in the space. If you notice we are running low on sugar, cream (in the fridge), or coffee, just email and we'll take care of it.


Beer on tap! We are lucky enough to have both Mobcraft and Wisconsin Brewing Company as our beer sponsors. They work hard to make sure we are fully stocked. That being said, we do run out and our tap is really fussy. If you notice problems or that we are out of beer, just email us or let a staff member know. Thanks!

Parking: Unfortunately, 100state does not have parking attached to our building that we can offer. There are a few other options around the square that are available. Parking information is available here.

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