What is the 100state space used for?

1. 100state is a workspace 7 - 5:30 weekdays. We should minimize all disruptions from people getting their work done at this time.
  • Events that are ok during the day need to:
    • Not overly disrupt others from working. (normal noise levels are fine)
    • Not be larger than 12 people. 
    • Not require that others be hush-hush for the event (e.g. no speaking events; working events only)
2. 100state is an event space 6pm and later and on weekends. 
3. Never use a member's office. We never use a member's office space for anything. Members have full rights on their offices during their lease.
4. Discuss the set up with dedicated desk people. We make sure members with dedicated desks understand the above. For any event where we think its necessary for them to put away their belongings (and we minimize those), we make sure there's an easy process for them to lock what they can in the drawers and move it all into the back closet, which we lock.
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